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These staff work directly with the campers in all parts of the daily program. Counselors supervise campers in cabins, provide leadership during family group time, and participate in large-group camp activities with their campers.

Counselors-in-Training (CITs)

Individuals who are between 16 and 18 years old, who want to support camp ministry, can serve as CITs. These staff specifically support Elementary Camp. 

Health Supervisor

The health supervisor is an RN, NP, PA, or MD who is responsible for the overall health of the campers and staff for a given week. Main responsibilities include administering prescription and over-the-counter medications, providing first aid for camper and staff injuries, and being on-call for medical emergencies. 

Summer Interns

Need a summer job? We are looking for energetic, responsible and hard-working individuals looking to join our team—more information to come.

Contact the camp at 760-765-0477 or if you are interested in volunteering.

Volunteer Counselors: About


The role of a counselor is a unique experience. You get the chance to work with kids in different grade levels ranging from 2-12th grade, helping them grow their connection with nature and their relationship with God.



As part of our dedicated team, counselors are integral to the transformative experiences we offer at Camp Cedar Glen. Living on-site, you'll be in the heart of the action, sharing in every moment of joy and discovery alongside our campers. Your journey with us begins with comprehensive training and a thorough California State Background check, ensuring the highest standards of safety and care.

Our staff arrives a day prior to the campers, setting the stage for a well-prepared, memorable camp experience. This commitment underscores our dedication to creating a safe, enriching, and supportive environment for everyone at Camp Cedar Glen.

Camper Care

Our counselors are the heart of Camp Cedar Glen, sparking joy and enthusiasm that are essential for a memorable camp experience. Your presence and passion fuel the fun and forge the strong community bonds that define our camp. By engaging with campers, you create a nurturing environment where meaningful relationships blossom—our cornerstone for fostering positive behavior and a sense of belonging.

At Camp Cedar Glen, we embrace the curiosity our campers have about God and faith. They look to us for guidance, not for perfect answers, but for sincere and thoughtful responses that reflect a caring spirit. Your role in these spiritual conversations is invaluable, offering insights that help shape their understanding and growth in a supportive, faith-filled setting.

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Staff Training 

At Camp Cedar Glen, we are committed to providing our counselors and interns with a robust training program, essential for equipping our team with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful camp experience. Participation in our training sessions is mandatory, ensuring that every staff member is fully prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of camp life.

For our Winter Camps, staff are required to attend two Zoom training sessions, while our Summer Camps necessitate participation in three sessions. Detailed information about training dates and access links will be provided via email upon completion of the application process. This structured approach to training underscores our dedication to excellence and the well-being of both our staff and campers.

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