Rates for CAMP CEDAR GLEN 2022

(Rates are subject to change without notice unless otherwise noted on your contract)

Arrival and Departure: The set arrival time for camp is 4pm, (or later) departure is before 2pm, unless otherwise noted on your contract. If a group arrives before the set time or stays past departure time, then the camp day use fee is $4 per person, per hour. (ie: a group of 30 arriving at 1pm will be charged for 3 hours at $4 a person which would be $360)


Day Use Groups: $4.00 per person per hour, not to exceed $24 per person for the day.

United Methodist Church Clergy: UMC clergy are free of charge based on availability. Meals are available only if we are already serving meals.



1 Night/3 Meals     $113 per person
2 Nights/5 Meals  $154 per person
3 Nights/8 Meals  $209 per person
4 Nights/11 Meals  $261 per person
5 Nights/14 Meals  $311 per person
6 Nights/17 Meals  $360 per person

*More than 6 nights, add a night with 3 meals for: $60 per person.  

Additional Meals: $12.00 per person




Consisting of Williamson, Robinson, Silverado, and Mission Hills cabins with the Chapel as the meeting space

Capacity of 74

Minimum guarantee of 59


Consisting of Zinn and Curly Wells cabins with the Assembly Hall as the meeting space

Capacity of 44

Minimum guarantee of 23


Consisting of Akers, Vista Glen, Bell and Asbury cabin with Griffin Hall as the meeting space

Capacity of 64 (contact the camp for details)

Minimum guarantee of 53


Site Management reserves the right to designate the facilities available to the group. 

Capacity of 182

Minimum guarantee of 135

Exclusive Use: Your group will be the only group on site. Minimum Guarantee of 135.


Special Diets and Allergies

We are prepared to handle most dietary needs if you let us know in advance; dairy free, nut allergies and other special needs. Vegetarian meals available on request. 

Camerer Hall’s portable walls are to remain open for meals.


To set up a menu for your group or get more information please contact:



Discounts for Children are not applicable until the minimum guarantee has been met. Children between the ages of 3-9 years old will be charged 50% of the period rate, for “family camp only”. Children 2 years and under will be free, only when in each case, they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian the entire time they are at camp. Family Camp: Legal guardian must be present for the whole time.



UM clergy are free of charge based on availability. Meals are available only if we are already serving.



Should any in your retreat prefer they can stay in one of our 5 full hook up RV sites (20 person minimum guarantee, if cabin rental is not included in your groups contract).
These sites rent for $34.00 per night.
Meals are additional at $11.00 per meal per person.

We are also able to accommodate tents/ RV with no hook ups. Tent space rents for $16.00 per night, (20 person minimum guarantee, if cabin rental is not included in your groups contract). Meals are an additional $11.00 per person per meal.


Cedar Glen offers different programs such as:

  • The Climbing Tower which offers a variety of challenges and fun for climbers of all skill levels.

The rate is $25 per hour for 2 ropes, we have a total of 6 ropes.

Plan on approximately 15 people per rope per hour.

  • Archery

Our archery range can accommodate 20-25 people an hour.

The rate is $25 per hour.

  • Pool   

Our pool can accommodate up to 95 people.

The rate is $25.00 per hour 


Ropes Course and Team Building Programs

For those who are 12 years of age and older; our ropes course programs are a great way to help foster teamwork and unity within your group. Our programs can be fine tailored to your group’s specific needs and desires. Faith based or not faith based, our focus includes group dynamics, team building, communication, and self-esteem.

For High Ropes with Team Building, we begin our time together gauging your group as we establish a foundation to build off of through experiential activities, progressing to low elements, and finishing with our high elements

Our high ropes course consists of up to eight high elements, including a 100 yard zip line and/or a leap of faith.  These programs range from $40 per person for half day and $60 per person for full day programs.


  • Half Day (4 hour) Program

$40.00 per person

We can accommodate a group of 12-20 people for high ropes team building or up to 30 people for high ropes with no team building.

  • Full Day (8 hour) Program

$60.00 per person

We can accommodate a group of 12-40 people for high ropes team building or up to 50 people for high ropes only with no team building.

***Non-Lodging rates for Ropes: $50.00 per person for Half Day,  $70 per person for Full Day


Team building programs with low elements are offered to participants of 8yrs of age and older at a rate of $15.00 per person, for up to three hours of programming.

***Non-Lodging rate: $25.00 per person

Two element ropes course with zipline is available at a rate of $12 per ride, 20 ride minimum.


***All programs are dependent on the availability of our program staff. All Ropes Course and Team building programs maintain a minimum guarantee of 12 participants.

Other amenities include a basketball court, a large grass field with a baseball stop, portable volleyball net and 6 miles of hiking trails.