Welcome to Camp Cedar Glen!

We are a Year Round Spiritual & Recreational Camp providing a sacred space for retreat, renewal, and recreation for people of all ages

Camp Cedar Glen Mix

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Nestled in at the base of Volcan Mountain just outside the historic mining town of Julian, CA, we are surrounded by thousands of acres of natural beauty.  Between the 6 miles of trails we have on our property linked to the trail systems of the two Nature Preserves surrounding us we are certain that a stay at Camp Cedar Glen will immerse you in the Wonders of God’s creation!

Take a look at our Lodgings pages to see what accommodations we offer. Or head over to the About section to see Why, What, and How we came about and why we do what we do. Learn more about our programming by checking out the Elevate section. To sign up for one of our District Summer Camps click here.

We personally invite you to explore our site, and we officially invite you to come and join us for a day or several here at Camp.  We love being here and we are excited about sharing it with you! Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to partnering with you in the future.

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Here are some fun videos found on YouTube; Just a little on why we do what we do :)