Summer Camp Volunteers

Thanks for all the volunteers who gave their valuable time to help make camp happen.
Without your support, campers would not be able to call Cedar Glen their second home.

Summer Camp is a place where you can take part and invest in the future of our campers. Each volunteer
brings their story, their skills, their weirdness, and their heart which allows many campers to have the opportunity
to personally feel welcomed and comfortable. Our mission as volunteers is to guide campers into being well-rounded
Christians that are able to articulate their faith, question and discern, and learn how they can be active stewards in God’s Kingdom.
How that mission is carried out looks different depending on which camp.
So if you are called to do Younger Elementary, Older Elementary, Junior High, or Senior High camp,
Cedar Glen encourages volunteers to prayerfully consider this free opportunity. Overall, volunteers tend to get back more than what they put into camp.


Younger Elementary – June 17-20, 2018
Older Elementary – June 17-23, 2018
Junior High Camp – July 8-14,2018
Senior High Camp – July 15-21,2018

Registration for Volunteers is now open.

Apply for Elementary Leadership and Volunteers for all camps.
Email our Program Coordinator, Erich Schmitt
if you have any questions.


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