Hiking Programs

Camp Cedar Glen Guided Hiking Program

Our goal is to utilize our property and the surrounding open space preserves for education, appreciation, and awareness.  Our guided hiking program is another step in that direction.  Each program is led by two Naturalists with over 50 years of combined experience teaching in the Julian Back Country, Open Space Preserves, Preserves, and National Parks.  If you are a past, current, or future client we invite you to adopt this into your programming.  If you are a local or out of town day tripper we invite you to contact us and schedule a hike our beautiful neck of the woods. These interpretive hikes are offered at a ratio of 15:1, a rate of $50.00 per hour, for groups up to 60 hikers. All programs are weather and staff dependent.

Changes: All things change as time passes, change is dynamic; change is all around us

  • Weather & Seasons
  • Erosion & Decomposition
  • Adaptation
  • Polution, Death & Extinction

 Ecosystems Tour:

  • Overview of plant communites
  • Intro to Inter-relationships “Web of Life”: Everything is Connected
  • Parasitism, Commensalism, Mutualism i.e. Polliation, Predatation, Seed Dispersale, Food Storage, Nesting, Scavenging

Plants Tour:

  • Identification
  • Adaptations
  • Uses: Edibility, including tree & shrub dicotymus key useage & other helps books

 Trail Leadership:

  • Preparation: Group Management & Gear
  • Orienteering: Use of Map & Compass
  • Pace, Hydration, Snacks, building and maintaining moral, strength and group dynamics
  • Basic 1st aid response

 Intro to Birding: Am Bird Watcher’s Walk

  • Introduction to the Birds of San Diego County mountain ranges
  • Use of Binoculars
  • Fundamentals of Bird Identification

 Local Preservation:

  • The History of Volcan Mountain & Sant Ysabel Open Space Perserves, and Cuyamaca State Park
  • Visit a Preserve and meet a Park Ranger

 Animal Tracking:

  • Learn animals of the area
  • Scat I.D.
  • Tracking: Print I.D.
  • Animal Behavior


  • Learn about the Four Elements: Air, Water, Soil, & Minerals that are continuely “recycled” by nature over and over helping to keep plants and animals alive.
  • Learn the different phases of each and how they are continuely used and re-used.

 Energy Flow: Food Chains

  • Producers: Different Plants Species
  • Consumers: Different Animal Species – Hebivores, Omnivores, & Carnivores

To schedule any of these programs please click here