Ropes Course, Archery, Climbing Tower, and Rock Climbing- Day Trips

Program Rates (Program rates are subject to change without notice unless otherwise noted in your contract)


All guests are offered up to three hours of free (climbing tower, archery, pool) program for every day they are in camp, less arrival and departure days. Time may be split up between our 50′ Climbing Tower, Pool, and/or our Archery range at no additional charge, between the hours of 12:30 and 3:30 pm. These programs may be run consecutively or concurrently. (i.e.: Archery can run from 12:30-2:00 and pool open from 2:00-3:30.  or pool and archery can run concurrently  from 12:30-2:00 to equal 3 hours of program when added together)  Additional time may be reserved at a rate of $50.00 per hour per program space. Extra pool time is $25.00 per hour unless your group meets the 125 person minimum.

Climbing Wall (Rates Effective for all contracts establish after June 15th 2017): Offers a variety of challenges and fun for climbers of all skills levels. Your first rope is free between the hours of 1-4. Each additional rope will be $50.00 per hour for up to 4 ropes, your sixth rope will be free. Plan on ~15 people per rope, we have a total of 6 ropes.

Ropes Course and Team Building Programs

For those who are 12 years of age and older; our ropes course programs are a great way to help foster teamwork and unity within your group. Our programs can be fine tailored to your group’s specific needs and desires. Faith based or not faith based, our focus includes group dynamics, team building, communication, and self esteem.  We begin our time together gauging your group as we establish a foundation to build off of through experiential activities, progressing to low elements, and finishing with our high elements. Our high ropes course consists of up to eight high elements, including a 100 yard zip line and/or a leap of faith.  These programs range from $40 per person for half day and $60 per person for full day programs.

Half Day(4 hour) Program $40.00 per person: We can accommodate a group of 12-20 people for high ropes team building  or up to 30 people for high ropes with no team building.

Full Day(8 hour) Program $60.00 per person: We can accommodate a group of 12-40 people for high ropes team building or up to 50 people for high ropes only with no team building.

Team building programs with low elements are offered to participants of 8yrs of age and older at a rate of $15.00 per person, for up to three hours of programming.

Two element ropes course with zipline is available at a rate of $15 per person, for up to three zips.

All programs are dependent on the availability of our program staff. All Ropes Course and Team building programs maintain a minimum guarantee of 12 participants.

For program questions, inquires contact us at:


Rock Climbing: 1/2 day or full day adventures Top Rope or Bouldering



Our Rock climbing programs start from $50 per person, for half day programs and $70 per person for full day programs, 10-20 persons per adventure. Transportation is not included in this rate.

Four sided 50′ climbing tower with two flat walls and two walls with obstacles.

Staff belayed  via Gri-Gri Plus

Challenge Ropes Course & Climbing Wall Release Form 

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