Junior High Camp

Junior High Camp 2018
is now in the planning stages!

Meet the Leadership Team
Leadership will be updated soon.

Junior High Camp is the middle stage of the campers’ Cedar Glen faith journey.  Campers are beginning to move from concrete ideas to abstract ideas and introducing Christianity can get a little confusing. Conversations are centered around building a better understanding of the parables and how campers can reflect the message in their daily lives.  Campers will be able to better relate to their Christian faith and make sense of their role in the world around them. In between family groups, campers experience a wonderful array of worship, music, food, nature, and other activities.


Learn more on what our campers will be exploring
as the Leadership Team prepares the CURRICULUM.
*The curriculum is used as a guide for the Leadership Team
as they better suit it for our Junior High Campers.

Registration for Summer 2018 is now open.

Email our Program Coordinator, Erich Schmitt, at
for more details.