Elementary Camp

What is Elementary Camp?
Elementary camp is a week long spiritual experience where elementary youth spend time in community to help them grow on their faith journey. Each year we cycle through curriculum given to us by the United Methodist Conference, where the focus is either God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. Of course each year as we delve into these topics we discover that it is impossible to learn about one without the others.

Camp Cedar Glen understands that elementary youth are at an age where they are seeking community, love, and comfort. We are excited to be in community with these kids and teach them about God’s love through our daily actions. We work together as a whole camp to encourage others on a daily basis, learn about what it means to be a Christian, and most of all, HAVE FUN. Our counselors are trained to listen and mentor our youth, while we have a leadership team trained in theology and creating an enriching experience for the entire camp.

What can my youth expect at camp?
Youth will spend time each day eating meals together, worshiping in Chapel, hearing daily messages from our Theologian, participating in archery and climbing tower, and nighttime activities like a carnival, scavenger hunt, team building activities, and a talent show. Most of our activities for elementary school camp happens in our “Family Groups”, a group of 6-12 youth with two or three counselors who spend time each day talking about the message from chapel, playing games, sharing life stories, and doing activities. Youth will be placed in cabins with anywhere between eight and fifteen other youth and two to four counselors.

Younger Elementary Camp 
Grade: 1st-3rd graders
Drop off: 3pm on June 25, 2017
Pick up: 10am on June 28, 2017

Older Elementary Camp
Grade: 4th- 6th graders
Drop off: 4pm on June 25, 2017
Pick up: 10am on July 1st, 2017


2017 Camp Curriculum
See what your camper will be up to during Elementary Camp 2017.
Younger Elementary Camp and Older Elementary Camp


Money should never be an issue to go to camp!
Campership is now part of camper registration so make sure to apply.

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to pay only $190.00 to send your camper to Younger Elementary or $385.00 for Older Elementary (price is valid until March 31, 2017).

Please contact our Summer Camp Coordinator, Erich Schmitt, at cedarglensummercamp@calpaccamps.org for any questions.