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Possible future Eagle Scout/All Church or Youth Group 

Needs are always changing, management will help focus our efforts as we look at material costs. Due to our limited budget, fundraising will be a part of any and all work parties.

For groups 10 or less, we have a self cooking kitchen, pending the availability of our Curly Wells Cabin. For groups larger than 10, we will provide your meal service at our cost.

For information please contact us at and a manager will contact you as soon as possible. This camp is an expression of those who give their time, talents, and treasures.

Thank you for your continued support!

  • Reside our Goat Barn
  • Develop & Build and Organic Garden
  • Develop & Build a Recycling Interpretive Center
  • Knot Learning Station at the Climbing Tower
  • Benches throughout camp/outdoor chapel
  • Paint a cabin or building
  • Flora, Fauna, Geology, Geography, Local Animal & Bird Interpretive Center
  • Weeding
  • Build a chicken coop

Donations and Work Parties 2015



We just received a donation of $43,000 from The UMC of Vista who has decided to partner again with us, and finish the work on Griffin Hall, and the newly named Vista Glen Cabin. What a blessing it is to see this kind of dedication to this camp and its ministry in providing sacred spaces for retreat and renewal.

2015 Spring Work Party

Just wanted to officially thank all of the groups that came along side us to support both financially and physically.  They are:  UMC Whittier 1st Church.  The help came in so many different ways, and we are, well speechless.  When deciding to move forward in such dramatic fashion here at camp we knew we would need help and lots of it.  So many of you answered the call way above and beyond what we could have ever imagined or even hoped for.

Our projects for the month of March was the repair and painting of Camerer’s deck, and installing a new walk way from Camerer Hall to the Assembly Hall.  If we were to figure our labor costs for that using our lowest hourly rate of $9, you saved us roughly $4,680 not to mention the $800 donation toward the projects.  Wow, see why we are speechless?

To sum it all up, we couldn’t have done it without you.  So I invite you to kick up your heels and sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  By either joining us here for a stay and seeing the work yourselves, or by simply enjoying the photos below.

Once again from all of us hear at Cedar Glen, THANK YOU!

Cedar Glen Staff


Work Projects 2012

If you are interested in partnering with us in a future work project:

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