New Art work @ Camerer Hall (est. 2014)


Camerer Hall was built in the mid 1980’s. Inspired and built by Mrs. Camerer, the building has since been used as camps dining hall and meeting space. Equipped with a full kitchen, fireplace, three meeting rooms (two sound reducing movable walls) and bathrooms. Camerer Hall is a beautiful building and was due for an interior makeover.

TreeIn early 2014 Cedar Glen staff wanted to add a personal touch to Camerer Hall and the idea for the Family Tree was born. Each camper and /or partner group that attends camp has a leaf added to the tree with their name. This allows the community and future generations to see the impact made by Camp Cedar Glen.


Camerer hall is used as a dining hall at Camp Cedar Glen and seats over 200 people at one time. The space can also be used for talent shows, a dance floor, quilting, and so much more! For more information on Camp Cedar Glen’s dining experience please visit our menu page.

Racoons OwlNames
Deer MountainLion


All artwork by Hill Young a former employee of Camp Cedar Glen.


100 Churches Build on a 30-year Legacy

LUIS PALAU ASSOCIATION AT CITYFESTMore than 30 years after his first campaign in Newcastle, evangelist Luis Palau returned to help more than 100 local churches reach new generations with the love and Good News of Jesus.

An estimated 30,000 people flocked to Newcastle’s Foreshore Park last weekend for CityFest – two days of live music, kid-friendly shows and activities, and the Gospel message presented nightly by Palau. “I have seldom felt the presence of God in a crowd like I felt tonight,” he said after speaking on Saturday.

CityFest included performances by Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, New Zealand rockers Evermore, and praise powerhouses Darlene Zschech and Hillsong. Stunt demonstrations and personal testimonies by extreme sports athletes highlighted the festival’s youthful bent. Palau’s son and co-evangelist, Andrew Palau, also shared the stage. By the end of the weekend, several hundred people had made the decision to follow Jesus Christ according to response cards.

Several individuals who came to faith during one of Palau’s previous events in Newcastle – then called “crusades” – helped cast the vision for today’s model. Jenny Allen, Dean of Students at the University of Newcastle and chair of counselor training for CityFest, said her role had everything to do with the decision she made at a crusade in 1979. “My hope and dream for this festival is that in 33 years, someone could be sitting here filming somebody else who remembers the 17th of November  the same way we remember ’79,” she said in a video interview. “That they sit here because of the moment in time when they were confronted with the reality of Jesus.”

Andrew Cole, pastor at New Vine Baptist Church, oversaw the festival’s Kids Zone. Cole accepted Christ as a teenager during a Palau crusade in 1982. “I was a messy, 18 year-old, beer-swilling, rugby-playing young person. When I heard Luis speak, that got my attention,” he said. “It’s been such a wonderful thing for me to contribute into this festival, knowing that 30 years ago a whole bunch of people gave me the opportunity to hear.”

For months leading up to CityFest, more than 1,000 volunteers from churches across the Hunter Region of Australia performed 60 community service projects through an initiative called CityServe. “When the church is serving, it’s shining,” Festival Coordinator Rick Prosser said of the outreach. “Our hope is that CityServe becomes a culture for the body of Christ to serve our community.  It really established tremendous bridges in the community – into the schools, into the business sector, into the civic arena…we were tremendously embraced by the city.”

The two-day festival was the culmination of an entire season of ministry, including 16 evangelistic events for students, military personnel, civic leaders, and business professionals. The campaign also included a unique time of training and mentorship for more than 50 Australian evangelists.

“This campaign built on a foundation laid 30 years ago and set the tone for the future. Whatever God’s doing in Newcastle, CityFest was not the end but the beginning,” Festival Director Colin James said. The Palau team is currently working with local churches to follow up with each new believer and connect them with a church in their area.

Evangelist Luis Palau has brought a message of hope through faith in Jesus Christ to more than 1 billion people through radio, television, and other media. He is the author of more than 40 books and countless articles on issues of faith. His latest book, Out of the Desert…Into the Life God Intended was released earlier this year. For more information, visit

Church Launches Unique Weekly Web Series

GENERAL BOARD OF DISCIPLESHIP CHUCK KNOWS CHURCHChuck Knows Church, a new weekly web series interpreting the objects and terms used in Christian churches is now available for free online from The United Methodist Church.

Produced by the second largest protestant denomination, the series features Chuck, a witty, quirky, fount of knowledge about all things church.  It is designed for anyone who has ever wondered about the meaning of the symbols, rituals and practices of Christian worship.

“It’s meant for anyone who walks into a protestant church and wonders what’s the meaning behind an object in the sanctuary or a ritual that’s part of a worship service,” said Steve Horswill-Johnston Executive Director of Communications and Brand Strategy at the General Board of Discipleship, an international agency of The United Methodist Church.

“This is YouTube style — fun, brief and informative,” Horswill-Johnston said.

Church members of any church can benefit from a short and informal description of the things they find in church.

“We found through research that even long-time church members knew very little about some foundational symbols and terms used in church,” Horswill-Johnston said.

A new episode of Chuck Knows Church is available each week on the Chuck Knows Church YouTube channel and also to the website

Chuck Knows Church is meant to augment the local church’s education of its members in a social networking environment. It is not meant to be a full and complete explanation of each week’s subject.  At the end of each episode Chuck invites viewers to learn more by asking their pastor.

“Today nearly all of us mediate our world through screens. Chuck Knows Church has been produced with this understanding. It’s an attempt to present vital information, yet in an informal social media type of approach,” Horswill-Johnston said.

Anyone can watch or download the episodes in the video series at Faith-Focused Stock Photography

Launched in late November 2012, Lightstock is a faith-focused, safe-searching, carefully-curated stock photography website geared for the Christian community. Its images are perfect for any number of church or ministry uses, whether it’s bulletins, church websites, sermon slides, worship backgrounds, or video illustrations.

Founders, Jon & Josh Bailey explain what compelled them to create Lightstock.  “We had this big dream in our hearts that Lightstock could fundamentally change the way Christian designers, chief-creatives and church staff members go about their creative endeavors for Christ’s kingdom. For nearly a year we’ve been on an unrelenting journey to forge a strong link – connecting an army of faith-based photographers to the Christian community at large – an audience, hungry for meaningful visual resources.”

Lightstock changes the game in the Christian media space by filling a gaping hole with faith-focused content that can’t be found anywhere else. Professional photos portraying Biblical themes are no longer a distant wish, but a concrete reality as Lightstock and its customers help to tell an old, old story in new and visually compelling ways.

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